Our solutions in the aerospace domain focuses on adding value to vendors and business to improve MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) procedures. Our solutions include:

  • A Mixed Reality tools layer to enhance current MRO applications.
  • Analytics for enhancing MRO.
  • eLearning and skill development for MRO.

Our current offerings in arospace focuses on developing training platform for professional drone operations in India.

Drone platform

Power Systems and EV

Our current solutions are targeted towards electricity transmission and demand side modelling. Our energy solutions currently includes the the following:

  • Design and Analysis of transmission systems and electricity distribution infrastructure.
  • Maintenance and management of electricity transmission infrastructure.
  • Simulation and modelling of small and medium grids with mixed power sources for design and analysis of future transmission designs.

We are developing an analytics based offering to estimate impact of electric vehicles in India to promote their use and help stakehlders with valuable insights.

EV Platform